WHat we offer

>support for organisations to bring an equality and human rights lens to their work, using a values-led approach,

>support networks to more effectively collaborate on shared goals, using a values-led approach.

>deliver training on using a values-led approach to strategic communication for social change,

> support campaigns to use a values lens in developing and designing campaigns for social change, 

>run workshops on  values-led framing for social change.

Current areas of interest:

Value-led communication:

We have developed and tested tools and strategies to support civil society networks and organisations to take a values lens to the development and delivery of their strategic communications for social change. 

Public sector equality and human rights duty:

We have developed a values-led approach for public bodies to implement the new public sector equality and human rights duty.

Our values framework offers new potential to address equality and human rights concerns in an integrated way. This has potential for broader application in the work of NGOs and other stakeholders. 


our work

We bring a wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge to support a values-led focus by public sector bodies and not-for-profits in addressing equality, human rights concerns or in bringing an equality and human rights focus into their broader work. Our services include the following:

Strategic Communications:

Supporting organisations and networks to develop a values-led approach to their campaigns and advocacy.

Values and Frames: Engaging Values to Drive Social Change: a one-day workshop for civil society activists.

Research on audience narratives and embedded values, as a precursor to developing targeted advocacy campaigns.

Organisational Development, Planning and Evaluation:

Supporting organisations in the not-for-profit and public sectors to develop and embed a values-led approach to strategic planning.

Supporting organisations to become values-led.

Using values-based frameworks to conduct organisational reviews, evaluations and research.

Public Sector Duty:

Supporting public sector bodies to implement the public sector equality and human rights duty, through a values framework.


Bespoke training, to organisations and networks in the not-for-profit and public sectors, on addressing equality and human rights concerns through a values lens.

Bespoke training to civil society organisations on advancing social change through a values lens.

Clients include:

Age Action Ireland


Department of Justice and Equality

European Institute for Gender Equality

Gaisce- President's Award

Galway City Council LCDC

Health Service Executive

Home for Good Coalition

Inclusion Ireland

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Irish Traveller Movement

Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board

Respond Housing

Tusla Child and Family Agency


"Working with Values Lab has provided  Inclusion Ireland with a structure, framework and belief system, through which we can monitor and evaluate our effectiveness through our core values. Values Lab supported staff to develop a shared understanding of our core organisational values and their application to our practice and processes."   Paddy Connolly, CEO, Inclusion Ireland.

"The work of Values Lab will really challenge the Community & Voluntary sector and progressive causes in Ireland. It would be great if it led to a change in the way we all communicate about our work. I believe it can." participant 1.

"I found it very useful to be introduced to a values framework that I can use in my advocacy work". participant 2.

"really interested in framing and how we can frame our campaigns and messages by appealing to the values that will motivate change" participant 3.

Participants feedback from Values Lab workshop: Values and Frames: Engaging Values to Drive Social Change.

"Values Lab supported Gaisce-The President's Award to bring the organisation's core values more explicitly and coherently into focus.The process worked really well for us, as it supported the team to develop a shared understanding of the organisation's core values and how they apply to our work. the values audit was particularly useful in signalling the way forward for Gaisce.  I am now an advocate for a values-based approach: I have a better sense of how values can be the pivot point for an organisation to enhance its effectiveness across all areas."  Yvonne McKenna, CEO, Gaisce The President's Award.   

Contact us: info@values-lab.ie