A Values-Led Approach

Values, explicit and implicit, lie at the heart of every action, practice and decision of an organisation: they shape its culture. Not-for-profit and public sector organisations are values-driven and hold a set of values aligned  with advancing the common good.

What are we doing to safeguard and give expression to these values?  Is there sufficient focus on ensuring our values align with the change we seek to drive?

A values-led organisation lives its values explicitly, consistently and coherently.

A values-led approach to social change provides a framework to coherently support cross-sector collaboration for organisations working together on issues of mutual concern. 

For more information, read our publication "Values-Led Organisations: Releasing the Potential of Values"

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Our Publications and Articles

"Framing the Right to Housing: A Values-Led Approach". Rachel Mullen and Niall Crowley, European Journal of Homelessness, 2019.

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"Values-Led Organisations: Releasing the Potential of Values", Rachel Mullen, Values Lab, 2018

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Other Useful Resources 

"A New Public Sector Equality & Human Rights Duty", Equality and Rights Alliance, 2015.

"Equality and Human Rights: an integrated approach", Equality and Rights Alliance, 2015.

"Valuing Equality How equality bodies can use values to create a more equal & accepting Europe" Report by Public Interest Research Centre for Equinet, 2014

About Us


Niall Crowley

Niall is an independent equality and human rights expert involved in a wide range of equality initiatives at European and national level. This includes: policy advice and development, research, social and economic planning in local communities, and institutional support involving training, strategic planning and evaluation. Clients include the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, and the European Institute for Gender Equality.

Niall was the Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Equality Authority for ten years from its establishment in 1999. He led the development and implementation of a combination of litigation, support for good practice, research, and communication on equality and diversity that has been recognised as both creative and effective.

Niall formerly worked with the Pavee Point Traveller centre for twelve years, ultimately as Co-Director of the organisation. 

Niall is author of “An Ambition for Equality” published in 2006 by Irish Academic Press and “Broken Promises: Bringing the Equality Authority to Heel” published by A&A Farmar in 2010.

Rachel Mullen

Rachel is a Social Change Initiative Fellow. She is an independent equality and human rights expert with over twenty years experience working to address equality and human rights concerns. Her consultancy work includes: development and delivery of training on equality and human rights issues; policy analysis; support to organisations and networks to develop a more effective response to addressing equality and human rights issues.

Previously Rachel was the CEO of the DoC Community Services and, before that, the Coordinator of the Equality and Rights Alliance. She also worked with the Equality Authority where her focus was supporting public sector organisations and NGOs to develop and implement equality mainstreaming strategies.

Rachel worked for twelve years on the issue of gender-based violence, with Women's Aid. Here she held a number of key posts including: Head of Policy and Research and Head of Training. She is a trained trainer and facilitator with extensive experience in developing training modules for public sector organisations and NGOs working to address discrimination, inequality and human rights concerns.

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